Nadia starts to dance at a very young age. She first chooses classical dance. After a few years, wearied by the lack of freedom of classic dance, she heads towards urban dances and it is immediately a revelation to her. She gets the intimate conviction of having found her place. It was at the age of 15 that she began taking classes and training with Simon Crettol and then Dakota Simao in the WLS STUDIO.


APRIL 2019

Krump World Champion 2019 - Paris​


MARCH 2019

Audition for "America's Got Talent" - Los Angeles



2nd in the Finale of the "France's Got Talent" show - Paris



Performance during the finale of the "Davis Cup" - Lille


JULY 2018

1st place in the International "WOD" (World Of Dance) Competition - Los Angeles


JUNE 2018

Participation in the Nathaniel show - Valais



Creation of the choreography "Seven" with Dakota Simao and the Inside company

"YEMANJA" dance show with the Villains troupe. Residence at the Interface Theater in Sion



Professor in several dance schools - Valais



Winners of the "Beyond prejudice" choreographic competition

Qualification for Quality Street - Paris


2012 - 2014

Dance class at WLS-Studio - Martigny

Hip-hop class with Simon Crettol at the Valérie de Falgo School

Dancehall class at Danielle Wenger School - Sion